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Makura Ignis gumshield

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Makura Ignis mouldable gumshield

CE Approved - Independently Tested by SATRA to M33: 2011 – Issue 3. The Ignis Pro, during independent testing, achieved Performance Level 3 impact tests for people playing contact sports. There are three levels of the Impact Performance Level allocated to Mouthguards, namely 1, 2 and 3, where Level 1 offers the lowest level of protection and Level 3 offers the highest level of protection.

Junior (Age 10 and Under) - Senior (Age 11 and Over)

'Boil & Bite' Custom Fit, Super-tough Shokbloker outer

Ultimate comfort Gelform liner, 'Airthru' channel improves breathing

'Slipsafe' pads prevent slipping

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