Head T.I.P. orange tennis balls 3 ball pack

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The pressureless HEAD T.I.P. ORANGE is the perfect ball for kids between 8 and 9 years who are about to transition to the bigger court.

It is softer, bigger, and 50% slower than a standard tennis ball, which increases the reaction time and makes hitting the ball a lot easier.

In addition, its orange and yellow two-tone felt makes the ball easier to see for kids.

Developed with trainers and kids, the HEAD T.I.P. ORANGE is perfect for the ITF's mid orange court (18m x 5,6-8,23m).

The ball is part of HEAD's Tennis Instruction Program (T.I.P.), a unique approach to help youngsters learn the game right, developed in cooperation with the International Tennis Federations "Tennis Play and Stay!" campaign.


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