Boys sports kit

We have compiled a range of good quality sports uniform items common to many schools.

These are all tried and tested, well made garments.

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Navy base layer leggings

Product no.: 286

from £24.00 *
In stock

Navy base layer top

Product no.: 285

from £22.00 *
In stock

Optimum white school trainers lace up

Product no.: 304

£28.00 *
In stock

Optimum white school trainers velcro

Product no.: 303

£28.00 *
In stock

Navy Games Shorts

£7.50 *
In stock

Navy Sweat Pants

£12.00 *
In stock

White Shorts

Product no.: 052

from £7.50 *
In stock

Waterproof overtrousers

Product no.: 327

£10.00 *
In stock

Navy blue swim trunks

Product no.: 097

£8.00 *
In stock
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